Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Beginnings 2018

2017 has closed down.

In a short period of time 2017 will be nothing more than a mere memory. All the living. All the chaos. All the blessings. All the angst. Few things will make it through the memory-portal as the year slams shut.

Over the last few days, I’ve been richly embedded in 2017 memories. Some were laugh-out-loud moments. Others tugged at my heart. Then there were those times that highlighted my insecurity or picked at a wound that should have healed. 

What do we do with all these things? Do we drag them into a new year, a new beginning? I’ve been pondering these things for days. Why? Well, I think it was to get me to this day and read the scripture highlighted in my journal.

“Finally, whatever is true, whatever is pure, whatever is right, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

If anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things. 

You know something, all those memories were priceless, even the hard ones. I think I grew closer to God when life sat me on the edge of a cliff. God certainly taught me a multitude of life lessons while I winced and recited “do not be afraid” a million times. I’m certain He laughed when I wondered “how long”. God knew the exact, perfect moment to ease the tension. I knew it, too.

Come to think about it, I’m going to take all my memories with me into 2018. I wouldn’t give up all the lessons for all the blessings. Every intervention, every wait kept me on the narrow path, following Jesus.

I know life in 2018 will present me with different kinds of confusion, calamity, and chaos, but I’ve had some great training. You know, I’m getting excited about all the opportunities and challenges the new year holds.  

Are you getting your praiseworthy thoughts ready for the upcoming year?

Think about such things.

God bless you,


  1. Thank you my sweet friend Angela for sharing your heart of the year gone by and the amazing thing is, that when I read your message the Lord reminded me of that very same scripture, that morning before I read your message..Philippians 4:8!! How amazing is that! When I think on those things that are excellent and praiseworthy, I think of you beloved! What a precious blessing you have been in my life! My love, hugs, prayers and blessings to you. Noni :-)

    1. Hey sweet friend, Looking back is wonderful as long as we focus on the good things to ponder and carry forward. And I think it is good to linger a moment over life’s disappointments and struggles and see how we handled those things. If we see personal growth in the way we maneuvered through those situations, we need to praise God for His intervention. We know we grow because of the Holy Spirit’s hand on our heart, mind, and soul, and our prayer to grow in Christ. You are such a blessing to me. I love the ministry you are offering to others. We have partnered together to reach the lost and lonely. We march into 2018 wanting to touch even more. God bless you! Many hugs, prayers, and love to you, my precious friend.

  2. Hi Angela,

    I wrote this poem in 2017 when God seemed to have abandoned me. After reading your post and feeling encouraged and inspired at the same time, felt I should share with you

    *Counting my blessings*

    I been so down and under,
    Out of it to the extend of leaving it,
    Questioning His existence instead of counting his blessings.

    Call me a tantrum thrower,
    Call me a fool,
    Yes am that and all...

    Who am I to ever doubt His existence?

    Him and His ways are not to be questioned,
    His ways are the best,
    He is never late,
    His time is always right!

    He is never shamed,
    And He never put His children to shame!

    He is the faithful One,
    He is humble,
    He humbles and tames the mighty!

    With nothing we we're born,
    With nothing we will leave this earth,
    So what feeds your pride?

    Who are you but clay in the hands of a potter?
    Who are we without the other?

    All my love,


    1. Paida, I think your cry represents how we all feel at times, even when we love the Lord with all our heart. Praise be to God that we go through the turmoil of wondering to seeing His infinite grace, mercy, and love. He is not to be questioned. Jesus is our all-in-all, our Sustainer, our Provider. He is the Faithful One. Thank you for blessing me with your poem. I cherish your cry of faithful angst, a display of true humanity. God bless you! May you always feel the manifest presence of our Savior in all you do. Angela