Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016!

Remember all the men and women in the military who have served this great nation. Sometimes we forget their sacrifice - long periods away from their family and home. Often we forget their efforts to keep our nation free by putting their lives in harms way. Please stop and say a prayer for everyone that has served, is serving, and will serve in our armed forces. America is free and beautiful because of them! God bless our military! Angela


  1. So well said, Angela! We can easily take them for granted. I'm so proud of my 92 (almost 93) yr old dad who is a veteran of WW2, Korea & Vietnam! God bless him and all who served and are still serving our country.

  2. Your Dad is my hero!!! He fought in 3 wars! Amazing! I know you tell him often, but now tell him for me . . . Thank You, for serving and protecting our wonderful America!!!