Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Journal to Remember

Christmas is over. The squeals of little girls and a grandson is a faint memory. So I begin to clean so as not to be lonesome. On day three of washing, vacuuming, and dusting, I ran across my journals. I dusted them and stopped, dropped the duster, and opened the first page of each. The impact of the words caused me to stop. I hope you will indulge me as I share some words from each.

January 2011

Dear Father,
Another year,
A new journey,
Now unforeseen,
Only speculated,
Filled with wonder
New chances,
And marvel

January 2012
As I close down another year, I want to thank you, God, for your faithfulness, promises met, and prayers answered and unanswered. Your blessings are countless, and I am sure I missed thousands. Thank you for them all! Every day I wake with your name on my lips, praising You. Did You see me twirling on the deck this morning, raising my hands in worship? Yep, I knew it! And I bet you were twirling, too.

January 2013
Precious Father, here I stand in a new year. Last year still feels pinned to my shoulders. Am I dragging it into a new year? All the stuff that failed and didn’t go right? If you would just reach down and clip that mess from my back, I would be grateful. But then again, if you clip it off I won’t be whole, will I? There are things I need to resolve, and here You are offering me another chance, a new year to get things right. Lord, you always amaze me. I feel Your comfort and encouragement. Yes, I know You’ve got my back. Have I told you lately that I love You?

January 2014
Here we are again. You and me, Lord. I feel like I’m standing at the “start” line of a race without having trained. All around me are runners eager, excited, and ready to go. I’m a little nervous. I’m also excited and eager. Does that make sense? You’ve brought me through so much. You forced me to face tough issues and wiped my tears when I finally got it right. You’ve loved me through the fire and more. What am I whining about? You’re right here beside me. Okay. I’m ready. Let’s go!!!! 2014 is going to be the best run ever!!

January 2015
Thank you for a new year! A year stretching out before me – a surprise ready to unfold, and I’m so thrilled. I pray I don’t miss a thing. Lord, this is the year that I want You to stretch and use me. There are many who need love and care. Lead me where You would have me serve your people. Let’s make this year a great year for the Kingdom!

As I read these posts, I realized every year offers new beginnings and new challenges. My 2016 journal is brand new and completely empty. I’ve let 5 days go by without thanking God for 2015 and it was a great year!!! So that’s where I’m headed – going to my desk and pour my heart out to my precious Jesus in thanksgiving and gratitude for all He has done for me.

There is a whole year ahead of me. A new road to travel. Beyond the bends, mountains, valleys, and hills are many blessings, challenges, disappointments, gifts, love, surprises, losses, and gains. I’m going to meet new people who will touch my life in ways I cannot imagine. There’s a good chance I will have to say goodbye to a friend or loved one. But in all the questions and trepidations, I can sit back and rest. I know the Creator of the Universe, and He knows me. Couldn’t be a better combination to fight a battle or rejoice in a blessing!

Do you journal? It’s one of the most gratifying thing I’ve ever done. Would you think about starting one today? It’s never too late to begin.

God bless you!

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  1. Love this reflection. I wish I journaled, what a beautiful thing to look back on! Your faith is echoed in these words!