Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Swinging To Heaven

I love to swing. As a child, I was passionate about swinging. When you’re swinging, you’re concentrating on the pushing and pulling action to accelerate your momentum, pushing forward and pulling back with equal intensity. As you get into a rhythm, you hold the chain tighter, lean back, close your eyes, and feel the wind ride across your body. Pushing forward, stretching your legs as far as possible, you lean up to lighten the load, scanning the horizon or stretching out further to touch a tree limb that’s just within toe distance.

A few years before my mother died, we were visiting my daughter, Tia, and her girls in Maryland. It was a beautiful day, and the girls were clamoring to go to the park. Mother stood up with the girls, ready to go. When we got to the park, mom went straight to the swing. I watched as she sat down, pushed off and began her ascent. The higher she went, the more she smiled. I’ll never forget her saying, “My Daddy taught me to swing. He said you can touch heaven if you try real hard.”

I’ve thought about this picture many times when trials come or life gets burdensome.

Swing to heaven.

So I tried it. I went outside, sat in the swing, and began pushing and pulling, soaring as high as possible. It wasn’t long before I forgot the long day, the urgent prayer requests, and calls about health crisis. My goal was to tip my toe into heaven. To knock off some fluffy edge on a cloud or peel back the white to expose more blue. I felt joy. I knew I was smiling. So many things were lifted; I felt renewed and restored as the swing eased to a stop.

Since then I’ve taken pictures of my granddaughters swinging. I’ve sat at playgrounds and observed the intense joy children and adults have in the simple act of swinging. There is an abandonment and freedom.

Our lives are so cluttered with distracting elements, intense moments. Maybe swinging needs to be added to our life distractions to lighten our load. What would it hurt to go out and sit in a swing and forget everything but the moment? Swinging and renewing, putting all our trust into God and smiling because life is a beautiful gift.

I know it sounds simple, but sometimes simple is the answer. Life doesn’t have to be so complicated and filled to overflowing. We need to get back to playing. Watch children. Playing. Imagining. Creating. It’s a God thing.

I bet when I get to heaven, Jesus and I are going to be talking more about swinging, painting, and flower picking than death, cancer, anger, unforgiveness, and hurt.

Maybe, just maybe, we need to share some of the joyful activities with those whose lives seem tangled in a briar. Maybe we should invite them to a park to swing or to sit on the porch to rock.

Thankful for the simple pleasures in life that show us joy!


  1. Hi Angela,

    I read your blog with a smile. I wish I had extreme funds. I would build an indoor playground for adults. Swinging would be my favorite thing.

    Many years a half century ago...I remember swinging at a drive in theatre before the movie. Yes, I am old enough to remember drive ins. Anyway, I was going higher and higher, loving every moment. It did feel like I was going to touch heaven. That was until the "S" hook at the top came off. I came crashing down to earth. I know I was knocked out, but it was worth it to touch heaven.

    You brought back a fun memory. Thank you.


  2. Your mom and your granddaughters are precious! Life is like a swing with its ups & downs. When we keep on pushing, we'll finally feel the gentle breeze!

  3. Blessings to you Angela! My husband and I are selling our house. 5 days ago while I was in prayer about that and other things, God spoke to me and told me who was going to buy our house and when it was going to be. Yesterday, while sitting together after just showing our home to the first prospective buyer, I told my husband that God told me who and when would buy our house. He had this look on his face that spoke volumes to me. He didn't believe me. Frustrated, I came upstairs into my prayer corner and worshipped the Lord and just asked Him for confirmation in His word. And while I was praying and worshipping, God gave me a vision of being pushed on a swing. He was pushing me REALLY high and I was thoroughly enjoying it. I had complete trust in Him. I came out of my prayer corner giggling and feeling like a child who trusted her daddy. How appropriate for Father's Day! We have the BEST in a heavenly Father!! By the way...I know that God is sending us the couple He told me. I trust Him. :)Kristine Moraes

    1. Your comment blessed me beyond measure! It was a confirmation of a talk I did with a young moms group just a couple of weeks ago. They are all going through some hard times and wanted to get closer to Jesus in an intimate way, but had been disappointed in feeling something was in the way. A huge stumbling block of sorts. And then I felt what was wrong and asked them, "Girl, who's your Daddy?" Their look was total appall. I hit the nail on the head. They felt God was high above and far, far away . But I told them to draw close to God was to see what Jesus did. Go in your secret place and call out to their Daddy, their Abba, their Father. The One who can never walk away, never hurt you, and never disappoint. There were so many tears and prayers. You felt the presence of the Holy One. You sought your secret place. You prayed. You called out to your Daddy. Thank you for confirming my teaching that day. Thank you for listening to the Almighty. Yes, your buyer is on the way! God bless you! Angela