Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Testing the Spirit Deeply

There are times along life’s journey that test the spirit deeply . . .

This week has been one of those weeks when the cries of suffering, disappointment, and discouragement have been overwhelming.

          “I hate the pain, but I have to accept that in order to experience future blessings. It is all about how I view the situation.”

          “I can’t do it anymore. The panic is overwhelming. Some days I’m not sure I even want to try.”

          “Pray for my grandson. He’s having seizures. I’m so afraid.”

          “I’m in a black hole. Would you pray for me? I need someone who cares.”

          “Got the lab reports back. It’s stomach cancer. Not quite sure what to do with this.”

          “Difficult for me to put everything I’m feeling, struggling with, working on, regretting, and wishing for in a text.”

          “Please call her,” my friend cried over the phone. “She’s got pancreatic cancer.”

My heart was heavy as I prayed with and over people who were reaching out for help and prayer. But scripture tells us over and over again that we can have joy in the middle of life’s challenges. And sometimes when we are so full, the Holy Spirit speaks for us, delivering our prayers straight to the throne room.

Our Father has supplied for our needs. When life seems to be crashing down around us, we know our Heavenly Father is in full control of the situation. This is when we have to lean into Him and trust His words.

“For you know that when your faith is tested,
your endurance has a chance to grow.”

Press into Jesus who understands hurt more than anyone. He alone gives us courage, peace, and blessings that pass human understanding.

I love the saying:
“You can’t have a testimony without a test.”

Use your testimony to be a beacon of light to others. We are all suffering in one way or the other. Together as the body of Christ, we can love and remind one another of God’s amazing love.

Blessings to all!

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  1. Awesome Angela!! Your words spoke to me deeply as I am struggling with concerns but that pales in the face of many in our community that have had major hurts and lost loved ones this week. We need to pray for one another and not lose sight of the One who can pull it all together if we just ask. Thank you, sweet sister for your inspiring and encouraging words! Decolores