Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Cup of Cold Water

“I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink.” Matthew 25:35

The temperature gauge registered 95 degrees. In the back of my truck was a cooler filled with water that had been iced down the night before and a red wagon. I grabbed my prayer apron and headed to downtown Washington, N.C. with my granddaughter, Jackie.

Our mission: hand out cold water for Jesus.

We began in front of the downtown courthouse.

            Jackie and I stood in front of the courthouse for about 15 minutes. It was too hot outside for passersby, and apparently too steaming in the courthouse to release anyone. So Jackie and I began strolling around town hauling water in our red wagon.

            Passing out icy, cold water is not as easy as you think. Some people automatically assume if they take the water something’s going to drop down from the sky and snare them. No, honestly. As soon as you offer them the water they look around and then up. Strange . . .I felt like an observer to folks standing in downtown Gotham. “It’s a plane. It’s a bird. It’s Superman”.

            Nope, it’s just water.

            Reluctantly these few would finally reach out and take the water, but they were still looking around as if they couldn’t trust the “water girls”.

            Regardless of this, we ventured on, and God blessed us.

            One elderly man shook his head when we offered him water. When we urged him further to take it, he said, “You two have blessed me with your presence. Please give the water to someone else.”

            We walked into a local framing shop and visited with the owner who had no air conditioning. She was so appreciative of the cold water and insisted Jackie take a framed picture to put in her room.

            We handed water bottles to people stopped at the red light. Water bottles were taken to a crew repairing a pothole. We left water for the feral cats downtown. Water bottles were taken to boat owners cleaning their sailboats.

            Then we made it to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

            I looked inside and saw a line. Jackie nodded. This would be a perfect place to give out water, and the entrance was in the shade.

            We handed water as people huffed out. Yep. They huffed. And we got the details. Some were not kind about the clerks, but we listened, and quenched their thirst.

            One lady came out of the DMV with her husband and grabbed the water out of my hand, twisted the cap off, and chugged it down. When she satisfied herself, she looked at her husband, and said, “Give them some money.”

            It was all I could do to graciously refuse to accept it. The old man was determined to pay me. When they realized we were real, they smiled, and moved on.

            Our last stop was back to the courthouse. Several people were gathered outside. We began distributing the water; the sighs of refreshment were loud and clear. As we walked away, many, “God bless you!” comments filled the air.

            God had blessed us abundantly.

            We had given out water, but more than that, we had given out caring. I think that’s what Jesus would have wanted.

            As we finished getting the wagon and cooler into the truck bed, my granddaughter said, “Nana, I think we did a very good thing today.”

            Yep. . . Jesus is smiling.

            Where can you give out a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name?

            God be with you!!!! Stay cool! 

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  1. It's so sad that people are even afraid these days to accept kindness without suspicion!
    I know one thing, you & Jackie are a light in this dark world!