Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First Review for Cries of Innocence

This week I wrap up the final preparations for releasing my Christian Fictional novel, Cries of Innocence. Over the next few blogs, I want to expose the things that drove me to write the book. I won’t give away so much you’ll refuse to read it, but enough to entice you to pick it up.

This is the first review from Reader’s Favorite. It got a five out of five rating. Yes, I cried and thanked God, not only for His support, leading me to the perfect scripture, but also keeping my strength up for the seven months it took to write the book.

 Reader’s Favorite Review:

Angela Beach Silverthorne writes an exceptional Christian novel in Cries of Innocence. Bren is seventeen, a senior in high school, and she just made cheerleader! Life should be good. However, Bren faces tremendous life challenges. Her father is abusive and the town drunk. Most believe that her grandmother, GG, is stranger than strange – possibly a witch. To top it off, her boyfriend is a jerk! She can’t wait to escape her life, small town, reputation, and go away to college. In an instant, everything goes crazy. Bren finds herself running for her life, into a life she never knew existed. Hiding out at “The Haven,” she is exposed to the Truth. “The whole idea of God is a fantasy,” right? Bren has a lot to learn. Before she can stop and even ponder it all, Bren gets a crash course in her family’s mysterious history. All that she thought she knew soon proves to be wrong. Evil has raised its ugly head. The battle rages. Hearing the cries of the innocent, Bren discovers she is a part of something much bigger than herself. She must become a beacon of light in a very dark world.

Cries of Innocence takes you on a mysterious journey into the world of the warring believer. Angela Beach Silverthorne pens a story that reveals the power of prayer against the despotism of evil. Her writing style is profound, the word usage is rich and meaningful. At times, the imagery is deeply poetic. The characters are not self-righteous, flowery or pious. They are depicted as real people, trying to live and understand their God-given gifts. Likewise, the villainous characters are legitimately diabolical. With patience and intrigue, Silverthorne nudges the reader, enticing you into the plot. As the plot’s action ascends to its climax, the pace increases. Then at the precise pivotal point, Silverthorne plunges the reader into an adrenaline surging battle and slaps you in the face with a few shocking surprises. Cries of Innocence undeniably reveals the realities of spiritual warfare. However, it leaves the reader feeling victorious, knowing the truth - light always dispels darkness.


God bless you all!

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