Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer At Camp Love

My husband and I had a very concentrated six weeks of summer company. It was awesome and filled with joy and blessings. At one point we had sixteen at the beach! As our summer fun was coming to an end, our seven-year-old granddaughter handed us a postcard: Greetings from Camp Love! (with the word Wannago! struck out).

I don’t think our granddaughter knew what Wannago meant or she might have inserted the “love” in between Camp and Wannago.

The postcard has been in front of me for a few days. The house seems way too quiet, the laundry is caught up, and the bare refrigerator is filled with healthy food again. I miss the morning sleepyheads who straggled into the kitchen with a blanket wrapped around their shoulders asking for juice. I miss the kitchen table filled with art supplies and stacks of finished and unfinished artwork. I miss the chatter of small voices.

I wannago back to the chaos and feeling filled up with love. I wannago back to the beach, the zoo, the aquarium, and the theater. I wannago randomly to the ice cream store and sit at the waterfront in Washington, N. C., licking very fast to catch every drop of coconut, chocolate, almond ice cream in 98 degree weather. I truly don’t want summer company and fun to be over.

So today Dallas and I got in his ’57 Chevy, and we went to Scoops Ice Cream Store in Washington. We got our favorite ice cream and walked over to the waterfront to enjoy our dessert, people watch, and settle into the late afternoon heat and slight breeze off the Pamlico River.

And for a moment, summer fun was back on, and I could feel all the blessings and joy of those six weeks. I closed my eyes and said a prayer of thanksgiving. When I opened them, I witnessed the most beautiful sunset ever. It was like another blessing, a gift to remember God’s love pours out in many ways: grandchildren, fellowship, worship, fun, and nature.

As I get back into the routine of life after Camp Love, I realize I am eager and excited about our next Camp Wannago, I mean Camp Love. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for our family.

Have you had a wannago summer? If not, it’s not over yet. Plan a wannago outing and invite someone that needs to have a little fun and companionship.

God be with you!

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  1. Beautiful! Makes me wannago & be a part of all that love!