Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Living Under Grace

How differently would we live today if we truly believed we were living under grace?

Most of us believe we are living with and in grace, but under grace takes on a whole new meaning. These three little prepositions are cantankerous little words that can cause a slight variation in meaning.

Living under grace means to see everything in life in the light of God’s grace.

Wow!!! Can you imagine that? Our eyes trained to see everything under the perspective of our Lord. The beauty of the world reflected in the face of a beggar. Love raining down on the just and the unjust. Trust flowering among those who distrust. Faith showered on a refugee camp. A church youth group thundering in to a small Appalachian village to minister to impoverished kids.

For once the world would be seen with a different lens and ministered to from God's perspective.

Grace is:
Sitting on my back deck, I envisioned a new world order where people would see things boldly. Strife would be at a minimum. Discord would be settled with a handshake. Anger would be dissolved in simple words like, “I’m sorry”.

What a joy to be a Christian writer and seek to see beyond troubling news and a fractured culture. I’m going to stay on the deck and watch the golden eagle riding the afternoon wind or try to catch a glimpse of the little red fox that has been hiding behind my azalea bushes.

Even if I can only escape for a little while, I want to cherish grace. It’s a gift. And sitting under it means I can take my time unwrapping it and think about Jesus’ life, how He loved so much that He died for those who loved Him. It’s hard to comprehend such a sacrificial act, but looking out over the river living under grace, I feel Jesus wants me to savor the gift and revel in the love, so that I can leave and take it with me and extend it to others.

There’s lots of room in living under grace. I encourage you to find your place to reflect on it and invite others to join you. I’m thinking we can change our small world and gain a new perspective.

I’m living under grace. Join me,


  1. Oh how we often forget just how "Graced" we are! Seems unreal one could forget how blessed we are with His Grace! But I've done it time & time again. But when I do live under His Grace, all of life is seen & appreciated in a different light! And I want everyone I encounter to be In His Light with me! We are SO blessed!

  2. I thank the Lord for the grace He has bestowed upon me. His grace has recued me from the law and placed me in His Love and protection. His grace let's me see God through the eyes of his Son, and experience His love through him. The only words that can express God's grace to us is through Jn. 3:16, and I'm not sure if I understand it still. Angela, thank you for sharing.