Friday, October 16, 2015

Don't Stall On The Whys Of Life

Do you remember reciting the basic elements of information-gathering questions used in writing?

Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?

My English teacher drilled them into us. “If you want to tell a strong story, make sure you answer these questions.”

Sometimes using these words in real life is helpful. Things happen and you try to backtrack through these words to see if you can figure out a life direction. Or . . . you're trying to determine a layout of how to attack and conquer a plan. These words are beneficial. At times.

What I’ve noticed recently is how people, including myself, get stuck on the word why. In fact, we skip over the other 5 words used to reason and describe and head right to the why. We eliminate the other words that help us process and understand.

Usually we resurrect a why during intense turmoil, misunderstanding, loss, hurt, and disruptive moments.


In the delightful story “The Elephant’s Child”, the little elephant begins a journey of finding out the answers to his questions and he meets some very interesting characters. Some even alter the way he looks, but he perseveres to understand by using all the power question words.

But when we get stuck in the why, we go into a tailspin. When we get stuck or don’t know which way to turn, we need a way out.


Well, that’s one way, but the outcome will probably cause you more angst.

How’s about calling on God? Try to turn those whys into a what.

What, Lord?”

What do you need for me to do in this situation?”

What are you trying to teach me?”

Pray for God’s intervention. Pray for Him to also take you through the how and where. When we do this, the whys of life don’t seem so crippling. It’s just one more stone to step over to get to where we need to be: in God’s grace, trusting Him with the answers.

God bless you always!

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