Friday, July 3, 2015

Forty-Five Years And Counting!

July 3, 1970

Looking at this picture, you would think we had a shotgun wedding! How sad are these two young people? I’m embarrassed. Could I make excuses? It was July 3rd. The temperature had to have been 90 inside the church. Did they even have air conditioning back then? I don’t remember. But I do remember when we walked out of the service, the flower shop owners were waiting to pick up their almost wilted flowers. Mom decided renting flowers was the way to go. When you don’t have a plug nickel to your name, you figure it out the best way you can. (Mom always said that.)

Forty-five years later, we are still together, hopefully looking happier.

Looking back, I stand amazed at how God has used us. Those two young people in that picture didn’t have a clue about life. All they knew was they loved one another. And that’s all we know today. We love one another, and we love God more. It was built on the very thing Christ promised us – struggles, trials, and following Jesus when we couldn’t see the path. I am so grateful!

Go back and look at your wedding picture? What memories does it bring to mind?

God bless you!



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